Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We do not have a store location. We come to you in your home or business.  I work mostly in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.  I can also reach beyond the local area to an out-of-town location such as a vacation home or relocation.

Q: What appointment times are available?

A: Color is best seen in the daylight, so we work mostly during the daylight hours.  Evening appointments are available on a limited schedule.

Q: How does Decorating Den Interiors work?

A: We work like a store that comes to you. We meet in your home so that I can get a true feel for you and the space we’ll be creating. Rooms and colors look different depending on the lighting so it is important to understand the environment of the space.

Q: How can you offer free design services?

A: We work more like a store and offer products at a retail price, which allows us to include our services and design time in the price of our products.

If you do not purchase products from us, but want interior designer feedback and suggestions, we do offer consultations at an hourly rate. Please call us to discuss pricing.

Q: What happens on my first appointment?

A: Our first appointment is our chance to get to know each other. We will talk about your project, list everything you’d like to accomplish and establish a budget for the project.

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project?

A: Often times, my clients have no idea what the budget should be for their project size. After we list what is to be included in the project, I can suggest a budget.

Q: Why do all the decision makers need to be present for the appointments?

A: Whether those involved are interested in the design or budget or both, it is important everyone is at the appointments.  This way the communication is clear and feedback can be garnered directly.

Q: What if I don’t want to purchase anything through you, but just wants ideas and to shop on my own?

A: For those that simply want design assistance, we offer services at an hourly rate.